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Flying Arts Members Exhibition

Presented by Flying Arts Alliance Inc.

In support of the Queensland Poetry Festival this year, Flying Arts has put together an exhibition of works from four of our talented Flying Arts Members. The exhibition will feature video art by Liam Herne, a ‘holographic’ sculptural piece by Alinta Krauth, and mixed media sculptures by Katrin Terton and Jennifer Long.

Look out for the plinths in the Judy foyer spaces and corridors. The exhibition is on display for a month, beginning during the Queensland Poetry Festival (in August) until 24 September. For more information call Flying Arts directly on 07 3216 1322.

Alinta Krauth – Holo Poetry
Holo-Poetry is animated, transforming concrete poetry video art displayed through the artist’s signature miniature projection sculpture. With connections rooted in the field of digital poetry and electronic literature, the faux holographic display turns poetic phrases into layered visuals that focus on poetic repetition created not just by the author, but by the layered sculpture itself. In this way, artist and sculpture work together to create poetry. The words refracted through the sculpture reflect notions of living in South East Queensland. READ MORE HERE

Katrin Terton – STRANGE CONVERSATIONS 1, 2 & 3
Metaphors are commonly used in poems as a means to evoke strong images in feelings in the reader. The meaning of these metaphors is not always clear which leaves room for individual interpretation and inspires the reader’s imagination. As with most of my work I aim to do exactly that through my series Strange Conversations – evoke images, memories and emotions in the viewers, but leave enough untold to inspire their imagination and make their own meaning. READ MORE HERE

Herne’s artwork entitled OTHERTONGUE is an imagined language made of images and text. The artist, in collaboration with several others has compiled a list of invented words, symbols and their definitions through a variety of processes involving drawing, painting, wordplay and reinterpretation. READ MORE HERE

Jennifer Long – Tower 1, 2, Ground Zero
I am drawn to the disparate – the obscure and familiar, the real and imagined, the macro and minuscule landscape. Often calm and turbulence lie side by side with ideas of absence and presence in my work. Miranda Beeson’s poem Flight inspired the new works Tower 1, Tower 2 and Ground Zero, where images of tower/cage, flight/journey, tangled forms/fragments, water/smoke, extend my interior landscape of personal symbols.  READ MORE HERE

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Runs in the Judy Foyer spaces until Sunday 24 September